Android Q beta is Now Available For Pixel Phones

Google launched its next mobile operating system, the first beta of Android Q. those who want to have a hand in it in the early stage can enroll by logging in to their original Pixel devices.

Amazing New Features:

According to Google, there are few new features which are going to bring quite a change to the system, from screen display to amazing new improvements to the camera. Some of these new features and improvements are as under:

Support Foldable Screen

This new upgrade will allow the user to manage how they want to manage their apps while being on big screens and foldable screen as well. From resizing to voice control; everything will be manageable.

Depth Dynamics

With depth dynamics increased, the bokeh effect and blurring can be achieved at an unexpected level, and the impression will never be lost no matter how much rendering the image goes through.


Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ were the first ones to have this amazing HDR10+which changes the dynamics of the display. It allows impressive detailing and displays higher quality while using less bandwidth.

Improved Connectivity

When connected to other devices and smart appliances, your connectivity will be improved remarkably.


Ever since Nougat, opening an app was never the issue, but with this new system, the app will launch in an instant.

Location Sharing

you will be allotted the ever needed configuration where you can give permission to a certain app when downloading. Now you can easily check and control your location sharing from never, only when the app is running to all the time.


you will have more control over the privacy settings and app settings, and also you will be able to access their shared files as well.

Shortcut Sharing

Developers of the system are working to create such an interface where it will be much easier to share shortcuts when any user wishes to.

Wi-Fi Performance

There will be different modes which will count for the high performance and low latency for better Wi-Fi connections and better voice calling.

App Security

More secure support will be provided that will require the users to provide passive authentications like Face ID.

New Update

This new software update will allow the system to recognize the new updates of the app and warn the system if the new app is focusing on Android Marshmallow or older.