Firefox Latest Version Blocks The Autoplaying Videos And Audios

We get so much irritated with the constant appearing of videos which keep playing by themselves. Also, that page jump where any new video starts automatically. Well, we were tired of it, and Firefox has found a solution for us. Blocking of Autoplaying videos with better and clear security alerts.

Latest update is all about enjoying the internet with peaceful silence and wishful entertainment:

Mozilla’s Firefox has updated a new version, Version 66, in which you will be allowed to turn the setting of Autoplay video or audio according to your will.

Since many users were bothered by this fact of Autoplaying videos and audios on new pages, you can now ensure that they don’t play by themselves but when you click them to see.

It is also noteworthy here to mention that the videos which are already on mute will continue to play without disturbing you. But of course, you can change that setting as well when you go into the menu and edit your permissions list.

It will work for the ads, the movie websites and all other such websites which tend to Autoplay the audio or video.

If you are not an avid Firefox user, then don’t worry. Google Chrome already launched this option where you can do the same. But in this case, the browser learns which website you are blocking while you are allowing which, so it blocks for you according to your need.