Firefox Send File-sharing Service Arrives on Android

Sharing files on the internet is never easy as you can leave traces and that your file can be translated easily. Different types of software have launched their sharing services which helps to transfer and to share to be as safe as possible while the time required should be quick.

Firefox Send will Transfer 1GB Without Logging in while 2.5 GB when Logged in:

In this regard, Mozilla has launched a new service in Firefox Send where you will be able to share a file up to 1 GB while you don’t need to log in. Although this service was first introduced on the browser-based software, but now roroid users can also enjoy this service.

While other software and their sending services like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, and Google Drive do already exist, but Mozilla focuses on the fact that privacy must be provided while sharing is being done. All sending files will be encrypted which will leave no trace so your file will be sent safely.

Will there be a Version for iOS Phones as Well?

Also now the need for the version for iPhone and other iOS devices is being questioned. The company is looking into the matter while they add that the review of usage for send for Android beta will determine the future need for iOS. This leaves us in the middle between wanting and unsure.

Other Options to Look for in this Service:

While the Mozilla has been facing some serious challenges in the past when Google Dominant Chrome came in to being and pushed Mozilla into darkness and aloofness. By introducing such services which have many impressive options like

  • Password protection for your file,
  • Option to delete the file automatically after the set time
  • Also,the numbers of times the file need to be sent.

With such options, Mozilla is trying to get back into limelight which was once owned by it and also to get introduced in Android phones and iPhone where we hardly see any Mozilla. Chrome has taken over every phone, and now Mozilla is challenging that setup.