Reddit Bans r/watchpeopledie in the Wake of the New Zealand Mosque Massacres

Everyone is a shock to their core at what happened in New Zealand and how that insane, cold-hearted person killed everyone while streaming live on social media. Although the person is caught and the video has been removed but it still lingers with commoners, and they tend to share it on other websites.

Reddit has taken up a step in which it has banned its own sub-division r/watchpeopledie, where you can watch videos about people dying gruesomely because the New Zealand incident video was directly against the policies of the website.

This Incident Video Glorifies The Murder and Killing:

According to the Reddit, it has banned that infamous subreddit which glorifies or encourage the violence.

They said that since the policy of the website is clear that posting such content which promotes violence; such users and communities will get banned. This is very clearly written in term and conditions.

All subreddits are to follow the terms accordingly otherwise they will be banned.

This did not come as a surprise because Reddit has removed all such videos and content where shooter’s manifesto and killing video were involved, and they are not supporting others as well.

However, the certain subreddit was not going as per allowed, and Reddit had to take action. Now Subreddit is not allowed to have any handling on this subject.